Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Wonderful Online Study Guide

You may know all about this and use it all the time, but the concordance in the link below, is a terrific aid to Bible understanding. If the lights go out we can still use our printed model, and I have one of those. But the computer model gives you the ability to look up a phrase, which the book cannot do.

The whole chapter relating to a verse may be accessed by clicking on it, also. A number of translations can be compared on this program. Plus, the original words can be looked up in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, with their definitions. I like to use several Bibles besides my trusty and beloved King James, but many versions are available.

It really helps if you print out your findings, as when you are preparing a class. I really mean this when I say that this source, together with a study Bible will put you far ahead of even a seminary student.

An invalid, anyone in bed, with a laptop, can give you access to great knowledge. It is useful to look up doctrines online too.

People are catching on. Instead of following teachings based on tradition, you can open up your Bible as never before. True students will find an amazing fact, even those in different cultures and times will agree with one another, as man made ideas yield to the Word of God.

View Strong's Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicons.

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