Monday, December 23, 2013

Tiny Tim for Christmas

Not the one in A Christmas Carol, but the singer that people laughed at, and few remember now. I love the Nativity Story, but refuse to share it with Solstice Day. Picky me.

Tim has some things to say on this occasion, to the surprise of many. You may not have heard his song and talk before. Please give him a listen.

I include another song. My friend says that it even surpasses the rendering by the iconic Doors. That is, in wildness. People hear it and comment on Tim's voice. Those who listen though hear a different message. I call it the cry of the outsiders, the misunderstood. Often I have been one of them, so I think I understand.

What do you think?

Listen as Tiny Tim takes Silent Night to a whole new level.

Listen as Tiny Tim sings People Are Strange.

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