Thursday, December 26, 2013

Home School, Home Church

My best friend has home schooled his two children. He has done a knockout job. They have spent no time in government schools, except for a visit with friends. They have missed things, of course, like how to put condoms on cucumbers (no kidding).

Please understand, I have the profoundest respect for teachers. My wife's aunt was one and a very good one. Even I have spent a season in a classroom doing science demonstrations. It was a wonderful experience. But still, stats are building up that are heavily in favor of home-controlled education.

But what about home churches?

One of my early mentors was J. Vernon McGee, a pastor of a very successful church in Los Angeles. He had a Ph.D, was heavily educated and traveled the country with his teaching ministry. His ministry continues world-wide through his recorded messages as a Bible teacher.

His conclusion after years of such activity--the church is in apostasy. Not a severe or intolerant man usually, he once said, "If it has a steeple, it is a brothel." He made a cassette on how to have a home church. I agree with his idea completely.

People love their corporate churches though. A friend of mine said, "I have gone there so much, I feel like some of the furniture." It is often hard to break away from society in these things, but in my experience, very well worth the effort.

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