Monday, February 17, 2014

If We All Get Together and Work Really Hard, Then Prophecy Won't Come True and Jesus Will Be Proven Wrong!

For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again. Matt. 24:21, NIV

First of all, this greatest of prophecies pertains to the Jews and the Gentile nations. When Jesus gave it, there was no church.

How many prophecies do you know of that contain a warning like this: Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceive you..." (Matt. 24:4). He goes on to warn of false Messiahs, but the warning of deception applies even to our age.

But it is not false Messiahs that are the main problem now. It is misguided (idiotic) misapplication of the prophecy to the church and the world in which the church now lives. So why do I quote it then? Because it is the most extreme example of a prophecy that will come true despite the efforts of people.

I just watched a long You Tube video on global warming. Talk about an issue that divides people! The extremely cold weather we are having in the USA this winter is cited by scoffers as proof that there is no global warming. Kind of like denying tornadoes exist because your town has not been hit by one. When new heat records are set in much of a nation, the doubters are silent.

Again, why do I mention these things? Because certain things--very big things--are in store for the world. These will occur because Jesus said they would, just as Paul and Peter said the church will decline at the end of its days.

Do you wish to be concerned with efforts to change the inevitable? Or do you want to get to know your own family better? How about the lonely, unnoticed people in your congregation?

Speaking to cause-involved people now--please slow down and pay attention to those around you. Being a little person myself, I like small people, in the Bible or out.

Can you hear the "world changers" and "kingdom builders" protest, "What do you want us to do, just lie down and die?" Lying or standing, you're going to die anyway. Please think small before you do.

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