Thursday, February 13, 2014


Sounds kind of sloppy, doesn't it? There used to be a cartoon called "But Oh That Second Child". A typical one showed first time parents wearing surgical masks as they prepared their baby's bottle. The next block showed a baby on the floor being licked by the family dog as he drank his.

This is just to say that so many, new to the faith, worry too much. You have seen them agonizing over a bunch of things they must not do, fearing perhaps, loss of salvation. "Gotta be perfect. Don't want to go to hell." Such a joy to see such as these becoming secure in their faith, and doing good works out of joy and love instead of fear.

I once rode a tourist bus to the top of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone park. As the bus threaded along the narrow, single lane dirt road, a lady in great distress begged the driver to stop and let her walk back down. I felt sorry for her as I too get scared of high places.

But the bus driver put us all at ease. Soon his banter gave us things to laugh about. He answered a question about the identity of local wildflowers. He said he divided them into two classes, "near roaders" and "far roaders". To the little kids he advised, "If you have to go, go ahead. Our seats are highly absorbent." We became more confident as the trip progressed.

Please, preachers and church members, don't try to control people with fear. Jesus died for us so we do not have to be afraid.

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