Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Your Own Seminary

Maybe you shouldn't tell anyone you have a seminary in your house. It might make them jealous. I am not saying that you can set up a great institution of learning on your bookshelf. Far from it.

And therein lies your advantage. You will not steep yourself in tradition and error.

To some this would be a terrible thing, but we won't talk about them. This is about you and your own personal place of learning. This could be nothing more than one shelf, but its learning possibilities will be life long.

A disadvantage will be that there are no caps and gowns. No letters after your name. Just knowledge. In fact more knowledge than, say, ninety percent of the pros. And no junk associated with the pros. Just the pure stuff.

So what is to be on your book shelf? The Bible, first of all. A bunch of them is a good investment.

Then a Septuagint, already hundreds of years old in the time of the church age and quoted from by Jesus. A Septuagint (I got mine from Amazon) is what separates the men and women from the boys and girls. Looking up what the Greek scholars translated from Hebrew texts will not only give you great truths, but eliminate terrible errors.

One of my favorites is to totally get away from "hell". It will be gone (sorry Dante) as it is in some translations already. So much of study involves eliminating error. But you will do this easily in your seminary.

A study Bible, or several, and maybe a Bible Dictionary are helpful. And the Big One, an exhaustive Concordance.

Now that is not so bad is it? I know someone whose seminary is on his dining room table. He has one of those pull-down lights that gives him perfect illumination.

Almost forgot. A really neat thing about your seminary, is its head man. You will be the Dean.

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