Saturday, February 1, 2014

We Pay You, You Lie to Us - Is it a Deal?

I know from experience--both my own, and those close to me--that one can go to church for decades and be told many lies and have the truth obscured. Proof beyond my experience? How about the fact that denominations, supposedly, deriving their doctrines and practices from the Bible, go in many directions. Diversity is good they say. But to what extent?

My best friend was told by a lady that his non-participation in a local church showed that he was "proud" in thinking he knew more than the church. We both laughed at this. Of course he knew better and more. He has read and studied more.

Some time after getting out of theological "cemeteries ", the education of many preachers stops dead. It must stop for the priorities of the corporate church--attendance, entertainment, and the acquisition of property. And why not? People are content with this arrangement. So why not keep it this way.

May I suggest a reason? I do not feel that people should stop learning the Bible from someone whose mind ceased functioning when they graduated. A sample of what I mean, is that this church has no library. Rather they function under the faulty guidance of a head man who believes that he is the sole interpreter of doctrine.

It is easier to rule over ignorant people. The people seem to be content with this, but this is not a popularity issue.

I ask this. Does God want his people to be ignorant and misinformed?

Though I don't go to bars, I believe I could have a better discussion there than in a mind numbed church. Bars and churches--I don't go to either.

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