Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's a Shame He Had to Die So Old, He Had His Whole Afterlife Before Him

Or words to that effect. The old guy had to wait so long to go to where he had wanted to go since he was a child. Maybe the old crank will finally be happy now, except there won't be anything to complain about or to try to correct in the next world.

Oh, there will be jobs looking over people in the millennium. That will be good for a thousand years. He said he would like to get a job teaching. Something like that, but we'll see.

Didn't he argue that there was no intermediate state? I'm sure he did. Yes, but those asleep in Christ won't know how long they have been dead, so to them they will wake up right away. It's kind of a relative thing. Paul and the disciples will wake up at the same time as the youngest Christian child. We'll all go up together, like he always said.

Meanwhile, do you think radiation from Fukushima will interfere with the Super Bowl commercials?

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