Monday, February 10, 2014

My Fellow Americans, and Guns

National Geo did a story about some folks from Poland traveling through the American West. They received welcomes wherever they went and had a good time. But they were "troubled" by the extent of gun ownership among people in the USA. At the time I found this funny, as it showed how little anyone outside the country (and many inside) understand the American culture in this regard. That anyone would be surprised at the so called "gun culture" here is like being shocked that Polish people here like polkas, or Chopin.

My father had a little Fox Terrier puppy named Wynn. Around hunting time he decided to check out his shotgun and removed it from a closet. As he did so, Wynn, who had never been hunting, or even seen a gun, became extremely excited. He barked, danced around, and began to lick the gun. My father was amazed at this response by his dog's at his first time exposure to a shotgun. It sure makes you think of "racial memory" doesn't it?

I'm certain this applies to people as well, even more so. For guns are so much a part of the American psyche, that I wonder if other peoples can begin to understand it. It is not just acculturation, or conditioning, but I believe it is organic.

The image of the gun user that is promoted by anti American media is of agitated nut cases, barely under control. I have found just the opposite is true. I visited a local gun shop out of curiosity and found it as relaxed as a barber shop. The owners and customers spoke in soft voices, as I have found gun owners always do. As I left, I looked at the window display. It was a hand carved wooden manger scene. Perfectly fitting, I believe. There might be some atheist or agnostic gun owners, but I have never met one.

An interesting psychological study of anti gun people revealed a belief that owning a gun would tempt them to murder someone. Google Larry Pratt, for details on this one. Turns out that many "peaceniks" are potentially violent people. Gee, who would have thought of that? I believe they project their feelings onto others.

If faced with gun confiscation I would try to get off one shot before the militarized police killed me. Those who use drones to murder wedding parties and routinely slaughter innocent civilians are controlled by a "disarm,. then enslave" group. They would take me out without a thought. But then, thinking is not what they do.

I once asked my mother and my aunt if they would care to try my .22 rifle. Reluctantly, these dainty ladies agreed. They fired at a piece of cardboard on a stake. Later, my mother asked, "Didn't I do better than she did?"

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