Monday, February 24, 2014

Killing Us Softly

The only thing that matters is the world of politics. Except of course that the Canadian women's hockey team beat the American women's team. Imagine, Canadians winning at hockey! Some day some kid may write a story about it, called "My Mother the Hockey Champ".

But, back to politics. This subject is not only the most important subject in the world, it is the only subject in the world.

Why is this ? I believe it is because there are no other issues to even consider. There is no radiation spreading throughout the northern hemisphere. There is no geo-engineering causing violent weather, and Monsanto is not genetically modifying our food crops (thanks Monsanto!).

I pay absolutely no attention to such threats. If they were real, surely our conservative talk show hosts would have mentioned them.

Since there is no "Soft Euthanasia" going on, we are free to concern ourselves with the next Winter Olympics. I hear they will be held in snowy Southern California.

See the following:

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