Monday, April 14, 2014

Blood Moons

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. Joel 2:31

A very good friend was an internal auditor of the Internal Revenue Service. At time he would listen to people giving multiple reasons for their incompetence. He said he was alerted when they attempted to give many invalid excuses, none of which stood alone, as if they could establish truth through their piling up of false truth.

I have heard much being made of the so-called blood moons, supposedly being of prophetic significance. I just watched such a video. I feel like a batter trying to hit twenty or so pitches at one time. Where to begin to refute these deceptive ideas?

I quoted Joel, because this is used by these deceivers as a starting point. Joel tells us simply, yet completely, that both the sun AND the moon will give us signs of the coming Day of the Lord. Yet do you hear of the sun being darkened as a sign accompanying "blood moons"? Prophecy does not even begin to be fulfilled until every element is in place.

Daniel's seventieth week is invoked for the purpose of prediction. This seven year period involves a yet future violation of the temple. There is no temple, and there is no national Israel.

What is presented as the object of prophecy is a fake Israel, created, not by God, but by the United Nations, and populated almost entirely by people with no relation to Abraham, either through blood or faith. What is shaping up is nothing else than an attempted power grab. Only God can call out true Jews and preserve them.

Blood moons are nothing but eclipses of the Moon, not accompanied by a darkening of the Sun. They try to say that the (plural) eclipses are wonderful signs, but the moon being red and the sun being darkened are a one time event.

Let me list some of the fatal flaws in this terrible attempted deception.

  1. The Israel of today is a UN created attempt to mimic the true Israel. Torah Jews refuse to live there.
  2. There is no temple. There will be one at the time of the Day of the Lord.
  3. We are presently living in the Times of the Gentiles, not a time of the fulfillment of prophecies concerning Israel.
  4. Though Jews live all over, this is not a result of an enforced scattering. British and American people also live all over. The future scattering of Israel as described by Jesus in Matt. 24, is of short duration. Their regathering will be accomplished by Messiah, not by a UN mandate.

For your sake I will not go on, but I am angry at this attempt to deceive. Prophecies concerning the church (Rev. 1-3) are being fulfilled presently. Prophesies about Israel are yet future, after we are raptured (Rev. 3:10).


  1. Thank you. Your perspective is always helpful, and always valuable.

  2. A very excellent explanation. Everything is a facade in this devil's world. The Truth is the Truth and it comes from Jesus.