Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Train Trip

As a kid, I loved to travel by train. My family had no car, so it was wonderful to travel immense distances, as carefree as could be.

My longest trip was cross country. It was to take three days. I was excited when I was awakened in the dark of night to catch a cab and go to the huge train terminal. I was so happy to be riding on the train, I hoped the trip would never end.

I saw all kinds of terrain, even wild horses. On the last leg, I looked forward to arriving at our destination. Mysteries lay ahead--things I had never imagined. I would be picking delicious black cherries, and running along the big flat beach of the Pacific Ocean. We would drive to the mountains, through forests so dense and dark that the animals' eyes would shine during the day.

My life has been like the train trip, in one way. Once I hoped it would never end. But now, I am ready to sleep and go to a place where I have never been.

Later a great number of us will wake and travel to a place where we have never been. Some will not sleep at all, but we will all go together, on the greatest trip of all.

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  1. To me this illustrates those of us who are chosen that will be asleep in Christ and those of us that will be awake when the rapture comes. Either way, we will all meet with Jesus together.