Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mr. Smarty Pants on Losing a Blog Follower

Dear Smarty Pants,
I see you have just lost a member of your little blog. I'm sure it was over The Attack of the Straw Men, I mean the part about the spirit that goes up and the spirit that goes down. You know what I mean.

Answer: I imagine you are right. Someone was offended and could not even show me where I was wrong. Long ago, I believed that ideas could be presented, proven by scripture, and people would be convinced, or at least debate with you. But since, I have found that there is nothing stronger in many peoples' minds than their feelings. We do not live in a world of truth, but of emotion and lies. We are constantly at war, killing each other and the animals. Where is the truth in this?

God is not going to reform the devil and the world, He is going to destroy them. You learn to expect lies and evasions. What hurts is to find the devil's lies in the church, firmly entrenched and defended by the worst part of our natures. I know that I offend, but who has the guts to show me where I am wrong?

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