Friday, April 11, 2014

Needed, Rental Agents for Shreber Gardens

Tried to print out lots of info (on lots), but my ink cartridge sent up a white flag. Different countries use various names, of course, but I am most familiar with the German gardens.

I am just learning about how many people follow this wonderful practice, but I believe it could really work here. Some enterprising person could start with a Rollodex, or even a shoebox filled with index cards. They would begin listing "lots for rent" and start to get the names of those who would love to garden there. A little shed for tools, or maybe to sleep in, would get you started.

Sounds ideal for a laptop, but maybe someone who can't afford one, or some savvy people who would like to avoid a big time power or satellite failure, would like to use the low tech approach . Whatever the technique, the job would be to link people up. Would be renters with even a small place not being used could offer up the plots. People who have no room to grow, or who live where gardens are illegal, could go there. I have done it. My (one time) fee was 5 dollars.

The gardening is being done now, among some of the most enlightened people in the world. Just an idea that someone might try, to rescue those whose growing is limited to windowsills and balconies.

See the following.

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