Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Love With the Future

Of the three tenses--past, present, and future--my heart and mind are in the future. All my hope and pleasure are there.

We all know those who live in the past, if only to mourn there. Then there are a large number who live for the moment. One of the joys of having a dog is that they are not concerned with anything but the "now". Their all too soon deaths do not touch them. They are not aware of what lies ahead.

One of my grievous faults has been to think so much of the future that I do not enjoy the present enough. The great plan maker dreamed of what would be, far too much. Now, my possessions, and those of my wife's, are being sold. All that is left of our car is the license plates. Soon there will be an auction of almost everything we owned.

After losing her, the rest became easy to let go of. What was once my fault of looking ahead, is now my greatest source of joy. She will be restored in glory, and even such a one as I has hope for the same.

But, old man, do not you see that death awaits you?

Yes, I think of it every day, and I welcome it. Like an animal leaping through a blazing ring of fire in a circus, I know that on the other side there will be a reward.

So many Christians believe in a glorious future, yet lose one of the greatest of all opportunities to witness their faith to others. I have seen the look of terror in the eyes of those who anticipate death, and I have seen the peace of one who trusts the Lord completely.

What a wonderful play we are in. Last act, the curtain parts. "You're on!"

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  1. This is a great example of what being one of God's elect should be. I am guilty of living in the past and living in the now. But, I do know that living and thinking of the future is vital to be at peace with God and my salvation. Very good piece.