Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This is a Job for "Super Weed"

It is spreading from the South towards the Midwest. It resists poisons made to control it. The poisons that go into the soil and into the ground water we later may drink. It stops powerful machinery they had hoped would mow it down.

For this plant is winning the battle waged by a powerful killer nation--a nation which kills people with ease, but can't kill this so called weed. It poses a so called deadly threat to the chemical farming industry. And, think of the hazard to those who want to make us food dependent in order to control us.

The Euthanasia Industry tries to laugh off such a ridiculous idea as free food. Better that people should sit on city sidewalks and beg for money with which to buy Genetically Modified food than to gather the free food that God has provided. They want to kill us, and they are used to getting what they want.

But this is "Super Weed" and its 30 relatives. It waits, silently, to feed us, seemingly passive, yet invincible.

I dream of a modern day Ruth, gleaning with her plastic shopping bag, bringing home free food, far more nutritious than the crops it grows among. She does not need to break the earth, or to use poison chemicals. Her harvesting tools are her own hands. She does not need to plant, fertilize or water.

The seeds she will eat, and with which she will feed her family, drop into her little bag with only a shake. They need no hulling. It is a tool-free crop.

Our modern day Ruth need not worry about cutbacks in Food Stamps. Her drought proof crop is insect free and replants itself. She will not need to beg in the city streets, for she is a gleaner, an honorable way to stay alive provided for by her Creator, in a nation that is trying to kill her.

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