Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why the NIV?

Occasionally, I refer to the New English Bible. Most people around the world read it. My sentimental favorite translation has always been the King James, but I find that it has become a cult. Other translations are compared to it, rather than to original Hebrew and Greek sources.

Our language has changed since 1611, and there are many doctrines retained in this Bible that have been inherited from the Babylonians via the Roman Catholic church. Modern, more precise Bibles have dropped these. This exclusion has come at the loss of a number of money making inclusions such as immortal souls burning in hell--maybe the biggest money maker of all time. Almost every religion uses it. The charts I sent you show that this is not a Biblical doctrine.

So no one need have just one type of Bible. The Holy Spirit is still inspiring translators and readers. He did not cease his work in 1611.


  1. So true. I love the NIV for memory verses, it flows in my mind in an easier to remember way.
    I like the NLT to help new believers learn to read their bibles. I like the NKJ as well. The holy spirit is the one who makes the words come to life in you, no matter the translation. But if the Holy Spirit is not in you or you are not seeking the Lord, they are merely words.
    Nice post.

  2. Dear Longtime wife, Thank you so much for your comment. It is good to hear that you use and enjoy these alternative translations. As you know, there are people who do not understand or enjoy the King James, but can be reached with other translations. I appreciate what you say about the work of the Holy Spirit opening up the Word to us. Gerald