Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Most Serious case of HH

The doctor said the test results were in. They were final and unmistakeable. The patient had a serious case of HH.

"HH?" his friends replied.

He went on to explain that it was incurable. No one recovers, and in this case, the patient did not even wish to.

For HH is short hand for "Heaven Hunger". Some might think it results as a desire for a last minute "reprieve" by a sinner afraid to die. This old man, though he had sinned plenty, has had touches of it since he was a little boy.

He spoke of first experiencing it when a cousin, whom he dearly loved, died as a result of appendicitis . She had been treated for abdominal pain by a "society doctor". This doctor dismissed the case as constipation and recommended a patent medicine known as "Ex- Lax." Soon, the little girl died at home of a burst appendix. After that, the boy thought of being with her in heaven. How wonderful it would be.

"So this is not a case of last minute conversion then?" they asked.

"No, he has had it in him for a long time. Some even think it is genetic. You know, an 'elect gene', though this is not widely held. It would be a gene marker setting even stubborn sinners apart from the world, and sometimes surfacing as a hunger for the next world."

"Is he suffering?" they asked.

"Not physically, but he has a lot of impatience. He describes dreams where even family members ignore him and do not speak to him. He says getting e-mails from people is difficult, except for his best friend."

And so, an old man longs for heaven and the only satisfaction for his hunger. There he knows that we all will communicate with one another.

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