Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Screaming Elephant

I saw a film about the taming of an elephant. It was a young one. His feet were chained to posts driven into the ground. After his feet were secured, a group of men surrounded him. They began to punch at him with the ends of long poles. He lunged this way and that, but there was no escape.

After a time, he lifted his trunk and screamed. I still remember the sound of hopelessness. I know that he will become a useful worker, helping people make their livings. It is just one of so many things that has to be.

I saw a video made by an animals' rights person. Cattle were being unloaded from a truck at a slaughter house. There was no ramp. So electric prods were used to force them to jump onto the concrete. Some broke their legs. These things happen. I understand. The kids want their hamburgers. Mom and Dad like their steaks.

There is a whole chain of results that start with suffering--good things. But my own suffering, and that of others, builds up. These things must be, under the present dealings in a satanic world. Evil must have its day--about 6,000 years of it--before God destroys this present world.

I am aware that it is necessary, but after a number of years, a fatigue sets in. You don't want to hear about it any more. When life becomes bitter, death becomes sweet.

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