Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scotland's Independence and the Newell Theory

While studying the book of Revelation, I read the works of Wiliam Newell--pretty much a good standard treatment, still used today. But Newell introduced an idea--just a theory--on what will happen to the empires of the image nations, those pictured in the Great Image of Daniel chapter two.

In an age where One World propaganda rules, William posited an end time shrinkage or concentration. As in a detective movie scene, where the view of an entire room is zoomed in to show a single clue, Newell said that nations within the image (the Roman empire), would lose their holdings outside the empire.

Examples would be France's colonies in the Pacific, or even the U.S. separating from Britain. You might say, "What is the geopolitical significance of France losing Tahiti?" Except for the people involved, not an earth-shaking event. But still, it would be a sign according to Mr. Newell.

Recently, we hear of Scotland considering separation from Great Britain. I used to ride to work with an intelligent young man. I brought up this very idea, and referred to Scotland. He totally rejected such a concept. Since this was in the 70's, I can understand. But he said that if Scotland declared independence, he would believe what I called "Newell's Hypothesis.

To illustrate what is in view here, all that is needed is a marker and a world map. We draw a line around the boundaries of the old Roman empire. Everything outside the line will break away. Large nations, with many people in them who will go to heaven, are left out of the image. As we draw near the end, the nations of old Rome are being zoomed in upon, possibly a great clue that prophecy is being fulfilled.

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