Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Have a Strong Family

I just heard an "advice from the Bible" broadcast on a religion station, with this title. Modern preaching and teaching sounds like articles from the "Ladies' Home Journal", to me. Families are falling apart, money is a tragic issue, and so forth. I expect to hear a "Home Decorating the Bible Way" broadcast.

I will give you my ideas on how to have a strong family. First, start slowly, with medical exams for everyone. Begin with a warmup and stretching exercises. Then mild weight lifting. Small children can use up to 2 and one half pound hand weights. Before you know it, your 6 year old daughter will have "six pack" abs.

I am making fun of people in desperate trouble, but how bad off must we be? I wonder if we are just waking up to find that things are falling apart?

We have heard of the woes of PK's or preachers kids. I knew one. I really do not believe that super piety is the answer. I have seen those who maintain a stern religiosity fail with their families.

Perhaps there is another way? I'll call it the Visual Way. For those who wish to make their kids good by lecturing, I suggest listening, instead. I craved it as a youth, but never got it. I had lots of zany ideas, but needed someone to listen to them anyway.

Now to the Visual Way. A wise counselor said, "Children do not get their good behavior by listening, but by watching. And the one they watch the most is you."

Our Lord lectured to a nation that rejected him. But in the end he acted. He allowed himself to be crucified. He offered himself as a spectacle for all to see. Even those who do not read can look at a crucifix or a picture of Jesus on the cross, and they understand.

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