Sunday, September 14, 2014

Evelyn Event and Bob

She wanted to see him again, one last time. She designated High Tor, overlooking the sea. They each drove about 500 miles to their meeting place. Just before they met, a vicious storm broke out over High Tor. Far below the cliff , waves pounded the rocky shore.

For a brief moment the full Moon broke through the swirling clouds, revealing her approaching figure, wrapped in a hooded cloak. She saw him at the same time, wearing his nylon wind breaker and ball cap. Her raven locks were swirling in the violent wind. They ran together, embraced, and kissed.

At that moment a brilliant flash of lightening illuminated the scene.

"Perfect," she thought. "What a dramatic scene!"

"Oh, Heathcliff," she cried, "I have wanted to see you so badly that my heart simply ached."

Bob hesitated. "My name's not Heathcliff, it's Bob."

"I know, my darling," she replied, "but Heathcliff is so much more romantic, don't you think?"

Bob was aware of how unromantic he was. He should have removed his cap before they kissed. Better do it next time.

Next time! With gasoline going up to over eight dollars a gallon, there might never be a next time. So many things he wanted to talk to her about--the tar sands pipeline from Canada, the quakes induced from fracking--but now was not the time.

He held both of her hands as he looked into her face. "Have you noticed that the attacks on Zionism have been replaced by stories about the Vatican controlling everything?"

She pulled a hand free to cover his lips. "Let's not talk about that now, Heathcliff. Let's just think of this beautiful night, a night we will remember forever!"

He looked at the label on her fallen hood. It said, NOT MADE IN THE USA. He decided not to mention it--not to shatter this wonderful moment.

"If we never meet again, can't we at least e-mail? We could talk on the phone, maybe even exchange letters. I love letters."

"Foolish man,", she chided. "You know I'm far, far, too busy for that. Besides, how dramatic would that be? No, I'm afraid this will be our last contact, a perfect event."

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