Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Punking Out Over

Just had a visit by an old man (even older than me!) of a very religious background, which is quite genuine. I mentioned that I had discovered a cure for every problem--I mean every one. Health problems, poverty, war, crime, accidents, and unrequited love are cured by this age old panacea.

Quite a claim isn't it? But although I have not yet personally used it, I am assured that it works every time it is used, I am assured, and reassured, by the Bible.

But when I gave the answer to this man of genuine faith, he flinched! He knows better than to be upset, but this "medicine" scares people.

The answer, of course, is dying.

I discovered years ago that death is a patented product. God invented it as a universal cure.

Any drawbacks? Yes, it only works for God's people.


  1. Of course, you are absolutely right. We come here because we are sent by God and we return to Him when he calls. Our eventual demise is guaranteed. However, how well we use our time on this journey and whether we return to God himself, is our own.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you so much, Jane, for your insightful comment. I only fear what I do with my time here, not death itself. My best wishes to you,