Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oops! I Lost Hell, I know it's Around Here Somewhere

Is it an example of dualism--Yin Yang--that keeps this pagan concept alive? Almost everybody believes in it. We believe in heaven, so to "balance it out" we feel there must be an opposite place where, instead of being happy, people are in agony forever.

So, as not to upset the balance people, let me submit the Bible's opposites--Eternal Life versus Eternal Death. This is plainly revealed from Genesis to Revelation. You can see it if you take off your "hell glasses" for a moment. Those who do this will meet with scathing opposition. First, because for many the beloved King James Bible translation mentions hell a lot. It puts hell in the mouth of Jesus, even though he never uttered the word.

For the brave people who dare to look at original texts, hell disappears, to be restored to what Our Lord really said. The plain reference to being burned up, refers to the dead corpses thrown into Jerusalem's city dump. This made sense to Jews, but the idea is not mentioned by the Apostle Paul in his ministry to the Gentiles.

But besides its mention in the KJV, there is a very proudful reason certain people LOVE the idea of hell, though they would deny it. Because, they feel they have used their unfallen free wills to accept Jesus. He must admire them for this, because it shows that they are better than those who failed to use their free wills to save themselves. "I'm better than them. They had their chance, so now they must scream in agony for eternity."

The doctrine of Eternal Death deserves more attention. It is the Bible's opposite of eternal life. But it is not vindictive enough for millions and millions of people. Make'em suffer! If its not in the Original Bible, then put it in. Modern translations, and Christians who think, are discovering the falsity of this Satanic doctrine.

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