Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Restoring Soil Contaminated With Nano Particles of Aluminum

Geoengineering is killing our soil and thus our plants.

While aluminum is an extremely abundant element, it is basically harmless when bound by other elements in the form of stable compounds, which it is in nature. In fact, it is not found uncombined in nature. But when sprayed on us in atomic, uncombined form, it is a toxic substance, affecting soil by killing its beneficial bacteria.

In our food, it ends up damaging the brain. So why don't we filter it out in greenhouses, for example?

Because nanoparticles pass through any filter. But there is a way to trap particles other than by filtering. This is the Cottrell precipitator. It works by charging particles, then attracting them with the opposite charge.

Let us say that a greenhouse was filled with aluminum-free soil or growing medium. Cleaned air was then circulated through it from a precipitator. You could have an aluminum-free greenhouse.

Unattached, free aluminum particles kill useful soil bacteria. This allows pathogenic fungi to take over, killing plants, even whole forests, as in the Pacific Northwest.

There are commercial sources of cultured soil bacteria. They actually help to feed plants and stave off harmful fungi. They act, as do sourdough starters. This could be added to the greenhouse soil. You could grow and eat aluminum-free crops. Precipitators are commercially available. So is growing medium and beneficial bacteria.

This is a brief summary of a pure garden which could be built--a kind of "holding action" we could use to sustain us until Jesus comes.

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