Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Many Churches Ignore the Blind

Jesus certainly did not ignore the physically blind, but almost every church does. There is a lot of theology involved, of course. Those who teach that we are now living in the millennium, figure that the blind have been left out of kingdom blessings because of unconfessed sin and so forth.

But even the rich (I almost said bastards) who feel that this is now "reward time", die. Not much of a millennium there. At death, these "sighties" are no better than people who can't see.

I will now try to present an economic motive for the neglect of the blind. Simply that they are seldom rich, and are thus below the radar money-wise.

My wife and I attended church with a young blind lady, and to be considerate, she had brailled out the order of worship and the hymn words for her. After the service the young lady began to weep. "Janie, this is the first time I have ever been able to join in a service."

Now someone who didn't know these (almost said bastards again!) people might think, that since their church was on the same street as America's largest braille printing house, with attached living quarters, that they could take notice of the blind people. How naive can you be?

But I propose a sure fire solution that is guaranteed to work! You use infiltrators. They spread rumors about the blind. "Say, Pastor Higgins, have you heard that a multi-billionair has died and left ten million dollars to each of the folks at Clovernook School Home and School for the Blind?"

Immediately a profound change comes over the pastor and his board of sessions. They see the blind man with his cane in the third pew as not so cursed after all. He will, for the first time, be noticed as a human being created by God, or at least as a great source of revenue.

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