Thursday, October 2, 2014

60 Years in High School?

Of course, this would be ridiculous. With all their many faults, our schools at least teach you how to read before you leave. Then you can educate yourself. Now wouldn't it be wonderful if churches would do something similar?

Imagine a church that, instead of just reading the Bible to you, as an opening theme for a sermon or Sunday School lesson, would teach you how to study for yourself? Then you soon would learn how little they have taught you, and how much of that is in error.

They do not teach you how to study on your own. Many corporate churches don't even have a church library. So, wait patiently each week for the little they are willing to feed you. It will be mighty thin gruel indeed! Because their jobs are in danger if you learn anything "too much".

People commonly attend churches for, say, 30 years, and learn nothing new. Had they listened to a 15 minute sports broadcast for the same period of time you may be assured that they would learn much, much, more than Ty Cobb's batting average.

Are you content with what they give you on one day of the week? Can you put your head down each night with assurance of your salvation? Are you willing to be fed with pagan myths interspersed with parables and the sermon on the mount?

The deep things of God are now open to us all. Like ripe fruit on a beautiful tree, you can pick them for yourself.

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