Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Whole Lot of Judaizing Goin' On

It's always been there, but recently Judaizing is on the march, at least in the USA. It seems to be in a western part of the country where Christian groups feel that the more Jewish they are, the more holy they are. They Hebrewize the name of Jesus, for example, in an attempt not only to be separate from the world, but from the church itself.

Perhaps these people feel that Jews are more "religious" than other people, so imitating them will boost their religious quotient? Today, the Jews are among the least religious of people, especially in Israel. The True Torah Jews being a notable exception.

Maybe they are thinking of Old Testament Jews, and here they are closer to the truth. Stephen, in Acts chapter 7, speaks of their religion. Trouble is, it was not the religion of worshiping God, but of star gods and other pagan deities. God denounces the practice of sacrificing babies to Moloch, live infants being put into the hands of a heated image.

Rather than the pious Jews of the movies, Israel was a nation that God described as "stiff necked". How quickly this false idea of super-righteous Jews could be dispelled with just a little reading of the Bible! But image wins out over words.

What is next among these poor deceived Christians? Will they begin to wear yarmulkes and prayer shawls? Cammo ones, that is.

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