Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just a Little Brook Am I, Singing As I Hurry By

I sang this as a little boy, before my voice had changed. Yet it describes my actions now. Omar said he was never deep in anything but wine, but that is not me. It is just that almost every subject is so interesting that a would-be Nexialist tries to look into them and tie them together.

Near the end of my life I have a criterion that works. Every good thing reflects glory on God. What does not, is not worth looking into.

This, of course, applies to people also. Bitterly, I reflect on those who, on first acquaintance, seem to hold so much promise, but fall short of the mark. Many of these have achieved goals unworthy of eternal merit.

If a gadabout could raise a question to one who is truly deep, or tempt a person of thorough disposition to look at an old question in a new way, has he not served a purpose?

For all those who have not achieved the heights, I offer this old proverb: "Next to excellence, is the appreciation thereof."

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