Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Woman Who Sits in Seven Chairs

The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. Revelation 17:9

Ever hear of anyone distorting the book of Obadiah? Imagine someone storming out of a church, never to enter again, because of what they consider a false interpretation of Micah? You might say, "These books are pretty straightforward, aren't they? Besides, who really cares about them?"

But when you come to the book of Revelation, things really change. Like a balloon man at a children's party, the trick is to see how many things you can create. "Can you make a giraffe?"

You can see how important a book is by how many ways it is distorted or even villified. "You can read anything into this book," people often say. I'm sure some folks can, but others, like myself, really try to be more logical, more stringent.

So let's look at the woman who sits on seven mountains as an example. She is much discussed. Usually it goes like this: "Seven mountains. Must be Rome because it is the city of seven hills." Hills, mountains--close enough. And what is in Rome? The Vatican! And what religion does the Vatican represent? It's the Roman Catholics. Therefore, the woman who sits on seven mountains = The Catholic church.

Boy, that was easy. I mean how logical can you get? And, how wrong!

For the history of the woman is of one who has dominated, or been carried, by seven kings (verse 10), five of whom have fallen. At this point, the "hills of Rome" analogy breaks down.

Five of the hills of Rome have not fallen. In fact we're not looking at physical hills (or mountains) at all, but nations. And what nations are they that have fallen? Out of the empires of Egypt--Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and restored Rome of the last days--five had fallen when the book of Revelation was written.

So the woman has dominated--and will dominate--all the great empires. Far earlier than the Vatican, and far greater in scope and influence, this religion has ever persecuted God's elect. She is the mother of all evil religions. Like the big fat whore she is, she sits on a series of chairs. Wherever she is, at whatever time, she has a throne in all of them.

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