Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Cause As Killer

One of the sorrows of being such an old cat is to have seen so many lives destroyed. Not all the casualties of this war on people are fatal, but some are. It is not really war I am speaking of, but murder--murder of people and their emotions. For unlike war, murder has no winners.

So who is this murderer I speak of? Not some violent attacker who could be fended off or evaded, it is the Cause. As a child during WW2 the Cause, was of course, the war effort. Everything was subservient to it. Lives were destroyed by it, even those of people who were noncombatants. Of course this was unavoidable, you might say. We must fight the banker induced wars. Debts must be settled and profits must be made.

So allow me to scale it down, way down to single households. We may eliminate international conflicts for the moment.

Causes come in all sizes. Many of the victims I speak of are children. Not shot or bombed, but assigned to second place as a sacrifice to the Cause. I think of so many causes as I reflect on this.

I have seen three children and a wife sacrificed to music. I knew them very well. I worked with the father and dined with the family many an evening. Upon returning home, do you think the father hugged his sons or swept his daughter up in his arms? His wife had the evening meal ready, which was quickly gobbled so he could stride to his hi-fi (as they were called then) and begin his evening of listening to music. For a friend of his, eight hours of music listening per day was not unusual.

In my childhood, Methodist church meetings were the dominant theme. The name "Methodist" was derived from such ordered busy work that could occupy all of one's non-work time. Only the Masons with Golden Dawn and DeMolay for women and children can approach the Methodists for their mania of meetings.

I could mention some more of the multiple Causes--sports, computer games (average age of players is 37), politics and of course, "religion". So what am I bitching about? I have seen the Causes destroy lives with their great message--you as a son, daughter, wife or husband are unimportant, secondary at best to the Greater Good.

My text for today's rant is, of all things, the movie Mary Poppins! This entertaining film has a chimney sweep straighten out a disfunctional family. He shows that Women's Lib, and a banking career, are destroying them. The children most of all.

I know of many such cases. I lived in one. For all who would "squeeze the last drop out of life", let me say that, rather, you are squeezing the last drop of life out of those you should put first. Israel had their Moloch. We have our Causes.

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