Sunday, October 5, 2014

Don't Blame Wars on Religion, Jesse

For the love of money is the root of all evil: 1 Timothy 6:10

I just watched a video where Jesse Ventura blamed all wars on religion. I like Jesse, even though he does bend the truth when he says he was a Navy SEAL. There were no seals when he served. He was in Underwater Demolition. I even like him though he proclaims he is an athiest and hates all religion.

He has proven himself as a governor, running on an independent ticket. He is a plain-spoken, down to earth man who understands politics. But Jesse has been taken in by one of the Devil's great scams. He says that all wars are caused by religion.

People of very different religions have coexisted in many places in total peace. Of course, when they are hungry or otherwise stressed, religion can be used to incite them to violence.

But who would gain from such activity? Who always makes money out of war? And who never goes to the wars that they create? It is not farmers. Their sons die in them. It is not the whole spectrum of people of every occupation who will be called to die--in or out--of these wars.

So let's see, profit from wars. Of course, munition and weapon manufacturers. But they don't cause them so much as supply them, often both sides. Based on the quotation from 1st Timothy, and going right to the top, I would say it is the international bankers.

Do they use religion to create wars? Yes, and anything else, like ethnicity, or territory. Anything to help settle debts that nations owe. Can't pay? They will "collect" like any other system that can foreclose.

I remember my first book on this subject. What a shock to my young mind! It's thesis: see who owes the most to whom, and cannot repay. Then, expect a change of borders, a seizing of assets, another financially motivated war.

So, who do those in the U.S. owe the most to? There is already a land grab. Perhaps a war will come. Like someone betting on all the race horses, these guys can't lose. Not until God ends their tragic game.

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