Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Degrees Instead of Knowledge

I told you of the ritzy church I once belonged to. Money and degrees were everything. After our pastor warned us that a person could "become constipated with knowledge", he announced he was taking a year's sabbatical to acquire his Phd. I guess he meant we could get too much knowledge?

A year later, he appeared in the pulpit wearing his doctor's togs. Trouble is, I could never see his great knowledge--before or after--he attained such heights. I do know that his congregation could faithfully attend church for years and never gain any depth of Bible understanding. In his study he told me that I must have been reading Kierkegaard, and further that he was no longer certain of the validity of Calvin's Institutes.

I believe in knowledge of all kinds. I even believe in education! But without a solid understanding of God's Word, learning can lead one further and further astray. Like giving a poor driver a more powerful car. This chap did not have such understanding, so naturally he could not impart it to others. Like a president, controlled and used by unscrupulous backers, he was a shill--charming, but ignorant.

Soon he ran out of inspiring themes. He offered to pay me to supply him with sermon topics. He realized he was in over his head. Eventually he left the ministry. I really believe that, although he occasionally referred to the Bible, he did not love it enough. Those who do find themselves in a different world from those who have degrees, but no real knowledge.

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