Friday, October 3, 2014

In Praise of the God Who Made Me

I anticipate dying pretty soon. This can be a blessing when you are falling apart, and it will be for me. Right now, I feel fine. Life is easy. Friends take care of all my needs. But I forsee the day when I will need lots of pain medicine. Leaving will be a relief in lots of ways. I have never felt at home here on earth--never fit in.

As I learned the Word of God, I found that He has a wonderful plan for me and for all His children. First, He chose us to be His before the world was made. Then He gave us a wonderful Savior to die for us, to pay for our sins. His Holy Spirit keeps us sealed and safe. His Word, the Bible, instructs and comforts us.

To those who rely on human effort, there will always be the poisons of pride and anxiety. But for those who depend on the mercy of God, there is peace. Every thing that we need is in God's plan. So I look forward, not with grim resignation, but with joyful anticipation of being with God and all His people, forever.

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