Monday, October 20, 2014

The "Experience" Store

This is an obsession with me. Not experiences, but being victimized by those who live for them.

There once was a terrific Bible store in a nearby city. I was in awe of it. It had two stories and an elevator and was filled with classic books. Everything written by DeHaan, even all the works of Clarence Larkin, the brave pioneer of the twenties. It was a university and a library combined.

But they finally moved to the suburbs to a shopping mall. Guess demand was down for books of true learning, in fact, learning itself. When I visited the new store I was shocked to see how far it, and its customers, had fallen.

Where were the books? There was a section in the back for books. But the big sellers were music, praying hands plaques, posters, and wearables. So what of the books? An entire section was devoted to "Christian humor", how to put on skits that were meant to amuse the young.

I asked a clerk if there was a book on confessions. I wanted the text of the Westminster Confession. She thought that someone named Westminster had finally confessed. Guess the police finally beat it out of him. She referred me to a nearby customer, supposedly an "elder". He had never heard of such a text.

Christian humor? The whole place was one big joke.

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