Friday, July 5, 2013

Buddy and The Arrow Club and a Greek Interlinear

When I was about nine, I woke very early in the morning to plug in the lights of the Christmas tree. My teeth were chattering, as our coal furnace had died down. Plus I was so excited. Under the tree, was a book about, my then current interest, archery. Robin Hood was my ideal hero.

A few days ago I thought to look up the book about Buddy, and behold and lo, there it was! I ordered it immediately. I still remembered some of the incidents in the book and wanted to read it all again.

It came in the mail and, though it was published in 1937, it was in good shape, with the minor flaw of a brown stain of a flower that had been pressed in it. I wish I knew what flower it was. It had a delightful old-book smell. Young lads in knickers said things like, "Hark, what was that?"

I have also ordered a Greek Interlinear, though I do not know how well I will use it. I will try. Brother Dobson has revealed that his father, a Presbyterian minister read so much that he literally lost his ability to read. I mean, how much reading must you do?

I have my own theory on how to use your brain. No one else wants it. I call it the Holographic Brain Theory. It is very simple. Just think about different things once in awhile, "give it a rest"! Approach life from different angles if you can.

I hope to keep reading as long as I can, but once in awhile, I want to think about nothing more complicated than a cartoon of Garfield.

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