Monday, July 8, 2013

Doctor Feen's Amazing Machine

The doctor had a PH'D in electrical engineering. Not really a degree, but he had acquired enough knowledge to have the equal of such a degree, and his friend's called him "doctor" because of his rigorous studies. And, so armed, he set about to build his amazing World Analyzer. That's what he would call it.

At first he scrounged parts from all over in a vain attempt to construct his machine. He found pieces that he thought would work, but no matter how he tried to put them together, they just did not. Surely, he thought, someone must have invented such a machine, maybe a long time ago. After all, the world was trillions of years old, and Man had been around for millions.

One day, in a used bookstore, the light began to dawn. He saw a battered old book, neglected on a lower shelf. Someone had underlined many passages, and it obviously had been read many times. He had heard the book recommended, way back in his childhood, as containing the answer to all things, but he had forgotten about it since the claim was obviously preposterous. The book was inexpensive and so he took a chance. He bought it.

Did I say that the doc's World Analyzer project had been abandoned? Every time he turned it on, all he could hear was weeping and cries of pain, no matter how he tuned it. This couldn't be right.

He began to read the battered old book. It was surprisingly well written, he thought. And if it's contents were valid, his attempts to cobble together a World Analyzer were not necessary at all. He continued to read.

The opening sentence told of something he had never heard. It claimed that the whole world was invented by someone named God! Further reading told of someone called Satan and had a prophecy about a Redeemer. What a drama! He wanted to read it all and see how it all came out.

The book had been authored by a number of people and over a long period of time, but he was told that the 66 parts all fit together. "Is it sad?" he asked the book store owner. "Parts of it are very tragic, but if you keep reading to the end it will fill you with joy."

After he read the first five parts, written by someone named Moses, he was determined to read the whole book. He certainly needed to be filled with joy.

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