Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Am Dandelion

People all know me. Boy do they know me! Seems like everyone is out to kill me. There are chemical companies who dedicate whole divisions to making poisons to kill me and my friends. Of course most of the poison goes into the ground water that these guys drink. Kind of poetic justice I guess. Live by poison, die by poison.

Then there are the machines. Don't get me started. We see 'em coming, but there's nothing we can do. We're frozen in our tracks, can't move an inch. So, we try to be as pretty as we can, but people try to kill us anyway. It's nothing to see a man on a huge mower, with his child on his lap, cutting our heads off. I think this is called "spending time with Dad". Something like that.

Even though God made us before He made humans, they look down on us, like we're invaders. But kids like us and bees love us! We all imagine a better world. I mean who doesn't? We imagine a time when almost everyone likes us.

We would love to show what we can do for people. We can help them with their health if they would let us. A few people are catching on. Human women mostly. Seems like giving life and letting life live is what they do best.

You might think we get depressed from all this persecution, but somehow we go on, having as many children as we can. We have a kind of support group, my friends and I. There is Lamb's Quarters, Amaranth (most of us call him Pig Weed), and Purslane. He tries to show us how to survive by staying down low.

We are not snobs. Anybody can join our group, as long as they're good guys, and don't hurt anyone. I could go on about our membership. There are hundreds of us. I wish people would get to know us, maybe even invite us to dinner!

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