Monday, July 15, 2013

Johnny Amaranth Seed

"Just who do you want to be?" the stern voice demanded.

"Oh, kind of a combination of Johnny Apple Seed and Diogenes," was all I could reply. The idea was still forming in my mind.

"Have you ever considered that you may be crazy?" the voice asked.

"Funny that you should mention that. I went so far as to imagine I might be rational, even sane."

"Look, you have to be practical. You can't just go out into the woods to live."

This dialogue took place in my mind, and still does, as I ponder my response to an increasingly irrational world.

I saw a map showing thousands of places planned to be off-limits to the American public. The government will tell us where we can live. Eventually, we should live in cities, under surveillance of cameras, like the TV series, "The Prisoner".

There is a growing understanding that our future has been planned by what Winston Churchill called "the great cabal". People in the West understand this perhaps better than most. States are being taken over as "government land. Permits are required for grazing cattle. Access to water is denied to cattle because they will pollute the streams and their hooves will cause erosion.

How ironic. We are to be herded like animals and slaughtered. Write to your congressman, he who put you in this terrible situation to begin with.

For some of us there is an alternative--drop out and disappear. It should not be for long. In my case death will intervene. For others Christ himself will end this imprisonment. Either way, we can leave the system.

What about the two heroes? They were chosen because they symbolize unworldliness, even world renunciation. John Chapman shows us how little we can live on. He lived it.

Is there any wilderness left? Millions of acres.

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