Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Waking Up

Give not sleep to thine eyes, nor slumber to thine eyelids. Proverbs 6:4

Ever notice how fast a dog or cat can wake up? No matter how deeply asleep they are, they can be instantly awake.

My Irish setter would be asleep but wake up to the sound of an owl too nearby for her.. She would get to her feet and push open the screen door. You could hear her bark until the owl had flown away. She thought spring peeper frogs were a threat too, and bark until I had to bring her in.

My cats were never "watch cats", but my tom could instantly be awake also. In his case he could jerk awake from deep slumber to start licking. Once he woke up from snoring on my shoulder to full alert. Must have been a nightmare, because he looked around the room for danger that was not there. Finally he once again settled down and went back to sleep.

People on the other hand can take hours to be fully waked up. One of my duties on my first job, was to make coffee for an office crew. Some said they could not function until they had their morning brew. As messenger I had to get in the company station wagon and take a faulty electric pot to be repaired, so the crew could have their coffee.

Faithful dogs are always ready to defend their homes, and cats will waken to lick themselves. I understand that a cat's licking is to reduce any odor from off their fur that a predator might use to track them down. Danger or threats are a deep concern to our pets, but many of us are not so well equipped.

I hear some great folks from alternative media calling out to us, "Wake up!" Many people are waking up.

Howard K. Smith wrote a book called Last Train from Berlin. He described his escape from Germany before war broke out. He just made it. Forget turning Germany around and shaping it up. The ship of state had an evil captain and it was doomed.

Howard went on to a career in broadcasting in the USA. If he were still alive what a changed country he would see. Only those living in the past believe that our nation can be saved.

My witness to you is to change locations. Get off the tracks because the train is coming. Like Elijah in the wilderness, hide yourselves until "the wrath be passed".

Yes, the Rapture is coming. It will probably rescue me from the sleep of death unless He comes soon. Then we will all be awake, Oh glorious day.

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