Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jacob's Flocks and Rescue Dogs

My wife and I decided to take a side road and discovered a whole new little world. Right off one of the main highways of our state there is a little valley with flocks of dairy goats. There is lots of greenery for the goats to eat and the whole scene is peaceful. These folks have an alternative lifestyle.

My next door neighbors used to raise goats, and I learned what they like. They were not grazers, like cattle. They would rather eat from vines and shrubs. Thorns did not bother them at all.

I think of Jacob's flocks that kept increasing. They are part of my dreams--goats and rescue dogs. I imagine living off the land where flocks of goats would be guarded by dogs rescued from death. My choice would be Pygmy goats. What do I know, but they appeal to me. Little guys you could carry around.

I saw a picture of garbage cans filled with the bodies of dead dogs and cats. Their time was up and no one had adopted them. As to those still alive,"Give me a couple dozen each, please.

I shall not pass this way again. We are heading for Camp Last Stand. Until the Lord comes we will try to live a primitive life with our animals. This sounds so irrational! But I would like to try it anyway.

Goats devour weeds like the kudzu that is taking over the South. Depending on your frost zone your state has it, or it has your state. Invasive weeds versus the goats. "Come on gang, you can do it!"

"But, Mr. Vegetarian wanna be, what will your rescued dogs eat?" Try fish that we will catch in fish traps. Sled dogs eat them. What if they don't like fish? Hey were scheduled for execution anyway . As for cats, they dream of fish!

In my dream world we all adapt. We will even make goat cheese. I just found out there is vegetable rennet for curdling. We will be high tech campers ready to move at a moment's notice. Our dogs will help us by pulling travois.

I doubt if I will make it, but the dream for others never dies. Jacob lived off his herd, maybe we can too?

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