Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Mama Cass Taught Me About Survival

I am concerned about so many would be survivalists and preppers. They are such nice people too. In their fields many are world class experts. So what is my complaint about such wonderful people? This would especially apply to preppers, but they are giving advice for how to live through the great depression of the thirties.

I remember, as a child, opening a cabinet in the basement of my grandparents and finding it full of canned goods. The grocery they bought from was a block away. Echoes of the food shortages of a generation ago. This was a harmless relic of the past, and a good policy against short term power outages.

But I am thinking of a very different world we face today. Many, many, people are on food stamps or are teetering on the abyss of homelessness. I am not referring to a mere lack of help from an inept but well meaning government.

I see a totally different situation that we face. Think of an evil government and corrupt administrators of it. Think of one that has just bought billions of rounds of ammunition in a wide variety of types. Does the Department of Homeland Security plan on shooting rabbits and squirrels?

A really nice lady chided me for my pessimism. She said she prefers to live in hope not fear. Prefers? As if she was ordering a cup of custom coffee. Preferences are a fatal dream world of those who believe "wishing will make it so".

I see a total collapse brought on by a psychopathic elite who wish to kill us. In my response I say, give up the old way of living. Prepare to move while you can. Don't plan on using electricity.

Food? I am growing examples of the most nutritious plants in the world, just to show my beloved friends how to identify them. I am not counting on making it. Death to me will lead to eternal happiness.

So how does Mama Cass come into all this? I love to hear her beautiful voice. The other evening I played her singing "Make Your Own Kind of Music". In spite of indifference and foolish optimism, that is what I am trying to do.

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