Thursday, July 4, 2013

How Much Ice Cream Did You Sell Today?

The driver of an ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot of the company at the close of a hot July day. His boss rushed out. "Well James, how much ice cream did you sell today?"

James tries to conceal his pride. "Boss, I'm happy to say my truck is still loaded!" Turns out James's truck was full, not only of 13 flavors of ice cream, but slurpys and the makings of hundreds of vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry malts.

He had been assigned a neighborhood filled with active little kids. Some of them would tell you they were about to perish from thirst.

You see, James sold nothing at all! He played the little bells with the tune that every kid recognized, but when their eager faces appeared at his open window, all James did was tell them about the chemical formulas of what he had to offer. James knew all about the ingredients, including the molecular weight of chocolate and the FD&C approved sprinkles he could have put on their cones.

But every kid went away broken hearted, though they had anticipated a nice, delicious treat after playing in the hot sun.

When the boss heard that James had sold nothing at all, he was so disgusted that he fired him right out there in the parking lot. He had given James a truck loaded with goodies. The kids really looked forward to what was to be the highlight of their day.

James was paid fairly well. That was not the problem. James didn't have to climb poles to replace downed wires after a storm, or drive a heavy semi through winding mountain roads. He didn't have to wait on tables until he was exhausted. All he had to do was give to the kids from his abundant truck, and they were so eager!

You see James had been fired from his old job too. Believe it or not, James had been a preacher. He had degrees to prove it. But while he promised so very much, and he had such a wonderful product, when he rang the bells and people came, he told them how much he knew-but he sent them empty away.

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