Friday, July 26, 2013

Give Me a Couple of Conies, Please

The conies [are but] a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks; Proverbs 30:26

I love this truth about the little conies, feeble but safe. I am feeble but safe in the Rock. Don't you love how the Bible tells of little creatures, even insects, to teach important lessons. I try to get the lessons and at the same time I enjoy thinking of the animals.

Once a lady I knew said in alarm, "Oh, there's a spider on the rug!" It was a very small spider, wending its way through the fibers. Like a human trying to walk through the jungle. She expected me to do something.

I took a file card and let the spider walk onto it. Then I put it onto a potted plant, saying something like, "This is your jungle, and now you are boss of the jungle." She looked at me in the nicest way and told me she was glad I did not kill it.

Can't people learn from the littlest creatures? Not just great spiritual lessons, but practical lessons on how to survive. What I learn from little "folk", is that the big guys have a rough time. They are hunted. Their habitat is destroyed. But the really small creatures, live on, usually ignored.

That must be their secret. They "are not worth notice". In a disintegrating situation they live on.

Gary North in his nifty book Government by Emergency tells of a humble little man who lived during the Nazi occupation of France during WWII. It was a terrible time for the French. People suspected of being in the resistance were tortured and shot. The Germans registered every farm, and this man had a farm. But it was one acre smaller than the ones being registered.

This man grew grapes on his farm and made wine from them. He kept his old car running by pouring bearings. He took a street car to his job as a machinist. He was safe. No one paid any attention to him. He lived through the horrible war this way.

Their are great advantages to being small. Your life could depend on it some day.

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