Friday, October 18, 2013

A Purely Hypothetical Case

He had a successful blog, one which occupied a very large proportion of his time. Too much of it, some said, considering its modest returns. Certainly, on an hourly rate, it was not cost effective.

But, that was not what most concerned him. It was, rather, the prospect of standing before the Bema or rewards throne of his Savior and having his works judged. That most of his hours were spent on the technical aspects of his various projects that bothered him the most. Is there not something he could do that would have a more humanitarian effect?

After much thought and prayer, he made a decision, one of the most important in his life. He decided to sell his beloved blog and invest its earnings. In financial ways? Certainly not. They were plunging every day, and even if they were not, would God be impressed with their temporary gains?

So he decided on a radical change of direction in his life. He would study herbal healing. Since society was crumbling around him, he felt this had the most enduring qualities of any plan of action open to him. Some day, perhaps soon, conventional medicine would no longer be available, either for technical or financial reasons. So it was he planned to learn natural healing through herbs and pure foods.

Being of limited visual ability, he searched for and found audio sources of instruction. He even had a crank powered listening device that made him free of electricity entirely. With the sale of his blog, he planned to pay for an herbal course and natural remedies. A valise full of natural remedies would hold a beginning supply. Many were available free from nature.

How practical was his plan? How practical was his alternative--his entanglement with a crumbling system whose future was limited in duration and scope? What time frame did he have in mind? In practice he figured on one year. After all, he had learned to live just one year at a time.

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