Saturday, October 19, 2013

He Owed His Life to Wolf Man

An interview with a jazz musician:

Interviewer (I): Who would you say has had the most influence on your career?

Jazz musician (JM): I believe that would be Wolf Man.

I: You call this person Wolf Man?

JM: No man, that's what medical science calls him.

I: He sounds like a terrible person.

JM: Actually I owe my life to Wolf Man.

I: Wolf Man saved your life?

JM: It's just that he hasn't killed me yet.

This revealing dialogue could be used in an allegorical way, I suppose. I imagine Wolf Man as a figure representing a psychopathic government sustaining people, yet capable of killing them at any time. Those who used such terms and had such ideas were once considered paranoid. Their status has now been updated to describe prophets such as Eric Blair, the Orwell of 1984 fame.

Ever wonder how Biblical prophets were regarded in their lifetimes? They were often discounted by the common man. But those in power and authority understood the dark references to themselves and their satanic systems.

The prophets were slain in the times in which they wrote. Today they are called extremists.

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