Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let Us Bow Our Heads as Our CEO leads us in Prayer

My good friend and web master sent me a delightful article by Chuck Baldwin on churches pastored by ministers who resemble CEOs. He speaks of concerns I have witnessed and object to.

Since my niece has just quit just such a church, I feel close to this problem and have experienced it myself. She has seen doctrine watered down or neglected for the sake of contributions, or more properly, income. Huge church expansion and attentdent debts have caused sermons to turn into fund raising drives.

Chuck is concerned that churches with a tax exempt status are afraid to speak out for fear of problems with the IRS. Texe Marrs gave up his 501C3 exemption so that he was free to speak out on any issue. As a result of his fearless stand his contributions have gone up. Beyond tax problems I wonder how Texxe has not been killed. That is how bold he is.

Now this is not a plea for activist churches. This is a matter of individual concience. But to see the Bible and its doctrines slighted to avoid tax problems and to increase membership is a very sad thing to see. Churches run as businesses lose very good people, such as my niece, and some day soon, face the judgement of God.

View Chuck Baldwin's article, Why Pastors Won't Take A Stand.

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