Tuesday, October 1, 2013

His Extreme Holiness the Right Reverend Most Highly Exalted Archbishop of Everything

"But you are not to be called Rabbi,' for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers." Matt. 23:8, NIV

This admonition of Jesus was soon ignored. It is doubtful if it was obeyed very long after the Apostles died. Soon names crept in and the beginning of the cult titles proliferated. Shortly the title of pope was instituted.

Now that the fascist-corporate business model of church is in sway I expect the use of CEO, or Chief Executive Officer to be used. This will not be a mystery to anybody as you could shine your car pushing it through a mob of business leaders on their way to board their corporate jets. Instead of elders we will have board members. Those who were once missionaries will be opening branch offices.

If this was not effective, why would business model churches use it? These practices are aided by at least two things, the 501(C)(3) tax exempt status of the church (in America), and congregations dumb enough to pay for their slave masters.

I may sound like I am mad at somebody. Really, I am not. But not being part of any such system gives me a freedom that I relish. Bibles are readily available, and I have precious friends to study with.

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