Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Upside-Down Fish Hook

When a dear friend's daughter was a very little girl, she was riding in a shopping cart as it approached the checkout counter. She was wearing a bronze pin with the figure of a hook--a "J" actually.

The nice lady at the register noticed the pin and said, "Hello, little girl, what's that pin you're wearing?"

The little girl piped up, never one to be shy, that it was the path of Jesus returning to receive His saints in the air and take them to heaven. The reaction of the checkout lady is not known, but a child had explained the wonderful truth of the Rapture.

Yesterday I heard a sound bite of the Bible Answer Man saying that this doctrine is found nowhere in the Bible. You see it is only people levitated into the air to greet Jesus as he returns to Earth to rule over His kingdom. It is based on the Roman practice of the populace greeting victorious generals outside the city gates and escorting them back to town.

This, apparently, is based on the Bible! Anything to deceive. Anything to divert us from the plain Word of God.

My patience is all used up. Like a scarred old tom cat, I have been in too many battles. I no longer believe there is any hope for people, often highly educated and sophisticated, to receive this truth. Like the Bible Answer Man and his preterist interpretations, they live to deceive, and flee the truth like cockroaches running from the light.

The Rapture is revealed from Enoch in Genesis to the 144,000 in Revelation. There is no excuse to pervert it or to say it is the modern invention of ignorant people. These people are not just arguing against those (like me) that they look down upon, they deny the very Word of God.

If such deniers were to wear pins showing their vainly invented doctrine, they would have them upside down. Instead of honoring the return of Christ in the air, they would illustrate mankind returning to the earth.

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