Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Wish I Knew Everything

And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. John 16:23

I realize this promise by Jesus can be variously interpreted. We need to realize this promise by Jesus could be taken to apply to different things. It could mean that some day (in that day) we will have all the material things and blessings that we need, that there will be no more hunger for instance. His promise means to me, that we will know all things, even as He does.

A lady friend I knew said she once prayed that God would reveal the secret things that John heard in the book of Revelation (chapter 10 verse 4 ). She promised not to tell anyone. She just wanted to know. How human to want to know. I share this desire.But that wonderful day when we will know is coming. Until then I hope to work on the things we are to know. This is, of course, a full time job.

I am astounded by those who deride knowledge. I have received looks of pure hatred for even mentioning Bible teaching. Not by myself, but that there are such people and that we need them. There is a large group today that believe that they have all knowledge revealed to them by the Holy Spirit.

I worked with such a person. She was a nice lady, but lamented her greatest wish had not come true. She told me, "I have a big diamond ring, a new Buick with cruise control, but what I want most is for my family to pray with me." She confessed she heard an inner voice telling her to look up a particular chapter and verse. But when she searched for it, there was no such combination. Something urged her to look for a scripture but it was not the Holy Spirit. That she had to even try shows that she did not have all knowledge.

The last message Paul left us with was to learn and teach doctrine. This is open to us all. But it is the result of study, not special revelation.

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